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what is marriage bill of rights?

10-min. Checklist for a stronger Relationship with your spouse, or spouse to be...

Communication is the most important tool that a couple can use to stay connected  and to resolve anything. 

Marriage Bill of Rights contains 136 checklist points that are part of 22 categories covering love & care, spouse first, trust, humor, integrity & respect, needs, partnership, spirituality, dating, sex, health & looks, communication, arguments, financial, credit & blame, perfection, family & home, talents, competitiveness, personal time, goals & dreams and personal happiness!

These 136 checklist points cover all aspects of a relationship in a quick and  instructive way. 

It will help any couple build a stronger relationship by recognizing the strong points and identifying the weak ones. 

We believe that Marriage Bill of Rights will be a positive invitation for each spouse to express their appreciation for each other and their needs in the relationship.  

Examples of a few checklist points:

63. I will use kindness in my everyday interaction with my spouse.

23. I will put our relationship above all others.

48. I will go on regular dates with my spouse.

44. I will stay committed in times of good or bad.

115. I understand that my spouse and I are equals with distinct talents.

and 131 more checklist points!

Today more than ever, a quick checklist is the perfect tool for our busy lives.

Marriage Bill of Rights is great for yourself, your loved one, friends and family. 

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